Powerful Voiceover

Powerful Voiceover

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Vocal Impact

Deep, rich, smooth, and wise
Whether it’s TV or internet commercials, voicing characters, narrating e-learning videos, or engaging audio book listeners in a story or a business exposé, I can create an impressive spectrum of vocal impacts. And when it comes to producing pristine, powerful voice-overs for your project, I can deliver from copy to final cut!


I love great communication in all it’s forms. That’s why public speaking, theater, film, writing, and singing have always taken center stage in my life.

Now, with over a decade of voiceover experience, my appreciation for the influence a voice can have on a listener has become even more pronounced.

Since my childhood in Los Angeles I have received professional training to develop my acting and vocal talents, which I continued to hone in Germany, Austria, and now Hungary as an active professional member of the Budapest film, theatre, and public speaking communities.


A hit!

The [Sebastian Professional] videos we worked on were a hit all over! Thanks for all your great work. We have more coming.

Robert Lynden
Producer, Sole Icon Productions
May 15, 2016

Passion and high energy

We hired Hans as an MC for the European HCM Excellence Awards ceremony. Hans’ passion and high energy brought a huge impact to our team and to the event itself, creating a very positive and happy atmosphere. Hans is focused to deliver optimal results and he is a true example of ambition, commitment, professionalism. He is highly supportive, flexible, creative and well-organized.
Hans left a lasting positive impression and I highly recommend working with him.

Kateryna Mosondz
Director of Event Management & Operations, Stamford Global
May 15, 2016

Personal touch – remarkable

I want to thank Hans for the organization of the [Toastmasters Europe] Fall 2013 District Conference in Budapest, Hungary. Hans added his personal touch to this conference by serving as Master of Ceremonies. The conference ran very smoothly due to the hard work by Hans and his team. The almost 400 attendees enjoyed a very well-organized Conference. It was a remarkable three-day event full of workshops, contests, networking and good times for all. Thank you, Hans!

Jaap Russchenberg
Lt. Governor Education and Training for District 59 at Toastmasters International
May 15, 2016

Sizzle with lightning

Hans has the best ideas on how to sizzle with lightning sound ahead of the competitors – while still being his senses and standing on firm ground.

Peter Smulovics
Vice President at Morgan Stanley
May 15, 2016



Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Before I can answer that question, I need to ask a few of my own:

  • How long is the script? (word count)
  • Do you want me to go to a studio or record the audio in my own studio?
  • Does the script need to be translated, copy-edited, or proofread?
  • Where will the audio be used and for how long? Corporate internal, internet, game, etc. (Non-Broadcast), Ratio/TV/Trailer (Broadcast)
  • What’s your timeline and budget?
What’s the process?

After we agree on the conditions, you send me a final script and creative guidelines. Sample narrations you like or the samples of the kind of music that might go under the voice are particularly helpful.

If you want me to go to a studio, I will arrive having practiced the script and ready for your live direction.

If I record in my own studio, I will send you the completed audio files, often with 2-3 versions of the read.

When you get the final files, listen to them and let me know if you need anything revised for preformance-related reasons (tempo, intonation, pronunciation, interpretation, etc). I’ll make the corrections immediately and with no extra charge.

Script changes/additions requiring a new recording are additional.

What kind of turn-around time can I expect?

Fast. Sometimes the same day, sometimes the next day. But as you’d expect, that could depend on my current schedule. Suffice it to say, I don’t keep my clients waiting. It’s my goal to keep you in the loop, deliver ahead of schedule and give you excellent service. That’s why people hire me repeatedly.

What hardware and software do you use?

Rode NTG3, M-Audio FastTrack Pro, Behringer Composer Pro-XL, Adobe Audition, MacBook Pro.

Do you translate?

Yes, I can translate from Hungarian and German into English as well as copy-edit and proofread text that has already been translated.

What’s the best way to reach you?

hans@hanspeterson.com, or my cell +36 (30) 466-4692 or +1 (626) 921-4509.

Can you voice live shows?

Yes! Live announcing is fun and exciting! I’m a seasoned public speaker and I love to be in front of an audience as much as in front of a microphone.

Have a question? Need help? Contact me!


How to reach me

Would you like to hear me read a sample of your script? Send me your text - up to about 100 words - with a little direction about the mood, tone, tempo, and a bit about the audience you want to reach and I'll show you what I can do.

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